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Peschiera Viaggi’s Arilicense Tour is a trade partner specializing in package holidays and tourist programmes for organized groups, focalising mainly on Italy’s Northern Lake District.


We aim to satisfy all your travel requirements, maintaining high performance standards at competitive rates. Besides the vast range of services offered by our Tour Operator, we also provide professionalism and the best possible customer-care: the crucial factors which characterize our Travel Agencies’ services.


Our staff are happy to help you through to the most appropriate choice, taking into consideration your expectations, and providing you with all the necessary assistance to help you undertake your journey just the way you want it, beginning with the hotel arrangements and right through all the additional services.





Transfers and Excursions
Programming and Planning
Oeno-gastronomical Tours
Planning of Trips and
Overnight Stays
Staging demonstrations
Preparation of Events
Sports Activities
Motorboat Excursions
Guides and Hostesses